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Online Craps

Craps is a classic game at casinos everywhere, and it can be played both in online casinos as well in land based ones. This game is simple enough — a pair of dice that are rolled, and you bet on the numbers that are going to land. There are a few rules you need to understand before you play online craps, but it is a really simple, easy and fun game to play. It was first introduced as a game back in the 18th century in France, and was actually originally known as ‘crabes’, which means crabs in English.


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Basic Guide for Online Craps

The game takes roughly 5 minutes to play in full. Here are some step-by-step instructions to guide you on how to play craps online. Before you start, you need to place your bet, after you’ve logged in to your habitual online casino. Then, there will be a ‘come out roll’.

This is an ‘off disc’ that gets shown at the very beginning and actually means the game is about to start, so you need to bet on the ‘passline’. Watch out for the ‘point’ because the number on the dice tells you if you have won. For example, a 7 or 11 wins but a 2, 12 or 3 is a loss. Anything else is the ‘point’, which then get recorded, and you have the chance to roll again.

When the ‘on disc’ is then shown, you place your bet again. This keeps carries on until another 7 gets rolled. If you’re stuck, don’t worry. We’ll explain the rules really simply below and then talk about some helpful tips you can use as you play the game. Keep reading for more.

online craps guide

Learn the Basic Rules in less than 3 Minutes

The shooter is the person who rolls the dice, so in online craps, the shooter is you when you press ‘roll’. There are also different combinations of winning numbers. You can win in 3 different ways. You can score the ‘natural’, the ‘craps’, or a ‘point’.

We’ll explain what these number combinations mean soon. An important point to remember is that if you get one of the ‘points’, which is very common, you’ll see a ‘point’ button light appear in an online casino. You have to click ‘roll’ again and hope you get the same number again to stay in the game.

Odds Chart – Payouts, Odds and House Edge

There are different betting odds for craps that vary and offer different payout ratios, as well as a range in the house edge. For example, landing a score of any 7 has odds of 16.7% but a house edge of 16.9%.

Bet TypePayoutOddsHouse EdgeSingle or Multi Roll
Don’t Pass1/149.30%1.40%Multi
Pass Line 4 or 102/133.30%4.76%Multi
Pass Line 5 or 93/240.00%4.76%Multi
Pass Line 6 or 86/545.50%4.76%Multi
Don’t Pass Line 4 or 10 1/266.70%2.44%Multi
Don’t Pass Line 5 or 92/360.00%3.23%Multi
Don’t Pass Line 6 or 85/654.50%4.00%Multi
Hardway 6 or 89/145.50%9.09%Multi
Hardway 4 or 107/111.10%11.10%Multi
Field Bet 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 121/144.40%5.50%Single
Pace Bet 4 or 109/533.30%6.70%Multi
Place Bet 5 or 97/540.00%4.00%Multi
Place Bet 6 or 87/645.50%1.52%Multi
Any 7 4/116.70%16.90%Single
Any Craps7/111.10%11.10%Single
Craps 2 or 1230/12.80%13.90%Single
Craps 3 or 1115/15.60%11.10%Single

House Edge explained

Did you know that the house edge is a percentage of the advantage the casino has over you to win the game? This is a statistic that most, if not all, casinos use to essentially make sure they stay in business and keep you playing to win more.

Possible Dice Combinations in Online Craps

The first combination is the ‘natural’, which is 7 or 11. The second is the ‘craps’ and is a 3, 12, or 2. The third possibility is to get any other number, you have to roll again and hope you get the same total number again, otherwise, you lose.

Dice RollPossible Dice Combinations
21-1 (Snake Eyes)
31-2 (Ace Deuce)
41-3 (Easy Four), 2-2 (Hard Four)
51-4, 2-3 (Fever Five)
61-5, 2-4 (Easy Six), 3-3 (Hard Six)
71-6, 2-5, 3-4 (Natural or Seven Out)
82-6, 3-5 (Easy Eight), 4-4 (Hard Eight)
93-6, 4-5 (Nine or Nina)
104-6 (Easy Ten), 5-5 (Hard Ten)
115-6 (Yo or Yo-Leven)
126-6 (Boxcars or Midnight)

How to Play Craps Online – Step by Step

You first choose your stake, then pick your number that you think the dice will land on. The play begins, and then it depends on how the dice falls on the table, or screen in online casinos as to what happens next. You might win and re-roll, or lose and have the chance to roll again in the first instance to try to stay in the game.

Time needed: 4 Minutes
Tools required: Mobile, Tablet or Laptop
Funds required: unlimited
Load up your craps game on your screen

Load up your craps game on your screen

You can start thinking about the different dice combinations and how much you would like to bet here at this point.

Select your Stake and ensure you have sufficient funds

Select your Stake and ensure you have sufficient funds

In this classic game, you can bet however much you would like to. But do check your online casino for exceptions.

Shoot The Dice / Roll The Dice

Shoot The Dice / Roll The Dice

There should be a button you can click to begin the game. Wait in anticipation to see what the numbers are going to be.

Watch what the dice combination throws out

Watch what the dice combination throws out

There are 3 different combinations. Your screen should tell you if you’ve won, and if you can roll again to play. (Keep an eye on your points)

History of Craps

It’s not completely clear when and where the game began prior to the 18th centuries, and there are different theories of its conception. Having said this, it is believed to have been Bernard Xavier Philippe, a gambler, who first brought the game craps to the world way back when. But it quickly turned out that there were lots of ways gamblers back then could cheat the game and win the pool for themselves. That’s why John Winn, later in 1907, made some changes to the game and solved this problem, creating a fun and fair game for gamblers to play.

Now, lots of online casinos have brought the game into action for players to enjoy on their screens in the comfort of their own homes. There may be some minor changes to the online game, but in lots of ways, it’s still the classic, simple enjoyable game that has its roots in history.

Top Tips to Play Online Craps

If you’re interested in playing online craps, and you’re only just starting to get a feel for the rules, that’s great. We’ve put some top tips together for you to consider when you’re playing the game and trying your luck to get the right numbers.

Here are some of our best tips for you

  • Focus on the Fun: Remember that while many gamblers across the world have played this professionally for centuries, you can just play the game for the enjoyment it brings. And especially if you’re not very experienced and don’t want to worry about becoming professional just try your luck and have fun.
  • Try out Different Bets: If you get a losing combination at any point, don’t be disheartened. See if you can get the same number when you re-roll, and then try betting a different number. If you always go for a certain bet, try something different. You never know, you might win. 
  • Play with Discipline: Like any game, it can take time to become familiar with the way it works and the winning combinations. If you’ve had an unlucky run, consider playing responsibly. Take a break and come back to the table, or screen, fresh and start playing as though it’s a brand-new game again.
  • Learn the different Dice Combinations: If you’re a new casino player, or if you need to refresh on the rules, go back and have a look at the winning combinations to ensure you’re up to scratch when it comes to knowing what the different numbers mean as you play. Then you’ll know if you’ve won or lost.
  • Take Advantage of Bonuses: Don’t forget the online casinos do tend to offer some exciting bonuses, and if you’re a new player to the casino, you’ll want to check out their welcome bonuses if they have any. See if they offer any free spin bonuses, for example, that you can use playing craps.

Benefits of Craps Online vs Land Based

There are some benefits to playing craps online when compared to going to a land based casino and playing at a physical table with other players around you. It can feel more atmospheric for lots of casino gamblers to play in a land based casino. However, you can enjoy the experience from your own home if you choose to play online. Let’s look at some more of the pros and cons below.

  • There’s a little ‘point’ that comes onscreen for you to indicate you need to re-roll
  • Comfortable at home
  • Can be quicker playing online than in physical casino
  • Miss out on the land based casino table experience
  • Don’t get the social atmosphere of like-minded gamblers

Practice Craps Online for Free

If you’re interested in playing craps, but you’re new to the game and don’t want too much risk going in, you can actually play a free version of the casino game. It’s a great way to get to know the game and practice and as with any game, you need to get a proper feel before you play at real money online casinos.

Online Craps – FAQ