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Here at CasinoKix, we aim to bring you all the information you could need when deciding on what slots to choose and which casinos to play them at. Every player is different when choosing their slot to play, and each player will also have a different budget. Doing your research before you choose will also ensure you have the best possible playing experience. Some players prefer being able to play on mobile whilst others prefer playing on a desktop or laptop. All our guidance will help you on your journey, whether you are a new or seasoned player.


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Online Slots Guide

Online slots launched way back in the 1990s due to the evolution of computers and the internet. Slots can be traced back to the 1800s, and the first offering was a 5 reel card-based machine. In the 2010s, mobile slots burst onto the scene, offering a whole new world of online casino gaming. We aim to give you all the information and tools in this guide to assist you with all the different terminology and all you could possibly need to know about today’s slot machines. You will be able to make an informed choice on where to play, how to choose a slot, and much more!

Research is the key when making all these decisions, and in our article, all the information is here for you on one easy page. One of the major benefits of playing online vs. land-based is you can play from the comfort of your home or on mobile whilst on the move, without having to get dressed up for a night out at the casino!

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Beginner’s Guide to Online Slots

As a complete beginner to the world of online slots, a basic understanding of how everything operates at the online casino is key. This ranges from signing up, the basics of slot machines to picking the right slot machine. You should also learn, how to best maximise your winnings before you start playing. Foremost having a budget before you begin is crucial to playing online. Like this you will avoid financial difficulty and that you are always playing within a comfortable environment.

You can play the slots in demo mode first so that you can get a feel of the slot and decide if it’s for you before spinning with real money.

Slot Tips for Beginners

There are many tools available to assist you with all the tips and tricks to playing slot machines as a beginner. These are some of the best tips and tricks as a beginner:

  • Set a fixed Deposit limit
  • Play slots with higher RTP
  • Stop playing after bigger wins
  • Look out for Bonuses and Promotions
  • Keep track of your winnings and losses
  • Choose only Trusted and Reputable Casinos
  • Practice with free slots before playing real money slots

What are the most common Slots Terms?

When you first start playing slots, many terms might confuse you; we will make it easier for you by explaining some popular terminologies you might come across. Helping you understand popular slot terms, such as how Return to Player (RTP) and how random number generators (RNG) work, will ensure you are armed with all the knowledge needed to ensure a happy playing experience.

HitThis refers to how often the slot is expected to have a winning line. For example, if the hit rate is 25% theoretically, the slot should pay out every 4 spins. 
ReelsIn slot games those are the vertical positions that are on the grid. These are spun on each spin and different symbols will land on every spin.
Max BetIf the slot, for example, has 20 paylines and the max bet per line is €10, the maximum bet allowed per spin on that slot would be €200.
RTPAlso knows as “Return to Player” is the percentage slots pay back to their players. If a slot has an RTP of 95%, for every €100 you spend on the slot, theoretically it will pay back €95.
PayoutThis is the amount the slot machine pays back to its players over time – this can be up to 99% on some slots.
SymbolsDifferent Symbols on the slots and there meaning should be understood as they can help you choose what to play. Each symbol pays out differing amounts available to see on the slot’s information page.
Pay TableWhen playing slots it shows you what each different symbol pays and also how you can play the bonus rounds.
Bonus RoundThose are usually random. When you hit a bonus round you can have a selection of how many spins you choose to play and also your multiplier amount.
Wild SymbolThis Symbol is what every player wants on their reels. They replace any symbol and when you achieve multiple wilds on the reels, the payouts can be huge.
Scatter SymbolThose are every player’s dream. Once you hit the amount of scatters required, you will enter into the bonus round.
Winning CombinationTo hit a winning spin, you need the same symbols on the reel in a payline. Slots pay out for a combination of at least 3 symbols that are the same.
Progressive JackpotsJackpots are rare but once you hit the jackpot, big winnings are guaranteed. With Jackpot Slots, some have one payout that grows over time, whilst others offer a few varying Jackpot amounts, from hundreds, thousands, and millions for the main Jackpot!

How to Play Online Slots

Once you have decided on your slot and have deposited money into your casino account, choose your lines on the slot machine and decide how much you want to wager per spin. Hit spin, which will start the game, and the reels will land on various outcomes. If the outcome is the payline required to win is hit, you will be paid out. You are free to change your bet amount at any point to a higher or lower amount and can continue spinning. With our easy slot guide, you will be a slots pro in no time!

Time needed: 5 Minutes
Tools required: Mobile, Tablet or Computer
Funds required: unlimited
Select your Favourite Slot at on of our top Casinos

Select your Favourite Slot at on of our top Casinos

Check out the Best Slot Casinos in our list above and choose your top pick!

Deposit and select the Bet Levels in the slot game

Deposit and select the Bet Levels in the slot game

Mare your Deposit in order to play slots and select the relevant bet level before spinning the reels.

Start Spinning the Reels

Start Spinning the Reels

Once you are all set, it’s time for the Hit button to start the slot reels.

Enjoy unlimited Slot Fun

Enjoy unlimited Slot Fun

Now you can spin away and enjoy all type of slots!

History of Slots

In 1891, Sittman and Pitt created the first gambling machine, which was card-based; however, the first coin-operated gambling machine was created in 1894 by inventor Charles August Fey with picture symbols and reels. In the late 1940s, slot machines started gaining popularity in Las Vegas. The rest of the world followed suit, and places such as Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean opened casinos. The 1970s was when the video slot was born, which was the predecessor to today’s slot games. Online casinos first hit the digital world in the 1990s, and online slot games were born.

Mobile slots made their breakthrough in the 2010s. The popularity of slot machines has not decreased, and if anything, they are more popular than ever!

Transition to Online Slots

Land-based slots originally were chunky with big arms to pull to spin the reels. In the 1990s, when online slots first entered the market, they didn’t have many features and were pretty basic. In 1996, video slots started offering bonus rounds, and this is where online casinos exploded with bigger winnings on offer, and more and more players started turning to online casinos.

  • The first online gambling venue was Liechtenstein International Lottery in 1994
  • First online casino launched in 1996 by Intercasino
  • The first progressive online jackpot was Cash Splash, launched in 1998

Top 5 Online Slots Myths

There are myths in any industry, and the online casino world is no exception. Most of these myths are misleading and false. We will help dispel some of these common myths in order for you to make informed decisions with the correct and accurate information at hand. Many of these myths originated in land based casinos. Listed below are some of the most common myths you will hear today about playing slots online.

Online Slots Are Rigged

All slots come with Random Number Generators (RNG), which means that each spin is independent of the last. These are tested regularly and there are very strict and heavy regulations in place. Developers and providers are continuously working hard to earn players’ trust and to offer a fair gaming experience.

Slot Machines Can Run Hot or Cold

Again all slots have strict regulations to ensure fairness and the Random Number Generator ensures that each spin is independent. Every outcome is entirely random, and just as you could hit 2 bonus rounds in a row, you could also go many spins without one.

You Win More Often With Play Money Games

When you are testing the slot using play money, the same rules apply as if you were playing with real money, and again each spin is independent, so you have as much chance of having a losing run or a winning streak as you would with real money.

The Games Crash When You Are Winning Too Much

The game will not have crashed due to you being on a winning streak, it would have just been bad timing that it happened to crash when you were winning. All your spin details and winnings will be available for the operators to rectify if this happens.

Online Slots Pay More Than Live Slot Games

The casinos have worked incredibly hard to ensure good reputations, and the Live Slot Games will have the same RTP statistics. They will be controlled and regulated strictly to ensure complete fairness and transparency when playing. You are just as likely to have a big win on a live game as you are on an online slot game.

Benefits of Playing Online Slots

Playing slots within your financial means can be a very enjoyable experience. With so many choices and the chance to have a big win, it can be a thrilling, exciting, and fun experience. With strict regulations in place, you can be guaranteed a fair and safe gaming experience.

Wide Game Selection: Some slots are what they call high variance, meaning they will pay out less often but larger, whereas low variance pays out less often. With so many slots to choose from, you will find your favourite in no time.

You can play On The GO: We all own mobile phones and tablets, and they are always with us, so whilst you are on the train travelling somewhere or just down the park or beach, you can still access your favourite online casino.

Easy and Fast: The beauty of online casinos is how quick it is to create an account, navigate your way around the site, and be playing games in no time!

Online Slots FAQ