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Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette has to be one of the most iconic casino games around. The white ball whirling around the black and red spots on the wheel is an image that springs to most of our minds whenever the world casino is mentioned. While the exact origin of the game is not known, it is universally accepted truth that the game has been around since approximately the 17th century. Evidence does show that Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, was the first to create the idea of the round rolling notion in the form of Roulette. Many countries including China and Italy then began playing the game in their own way. Over the years, the classic game for gamblers has been making its way through land-based and online casinos.


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Online Roulette Guide & Basics

The concept of roulette itself is a really simple game and can be played at different online casinos. First, ensure you sign up with a legitimate and secure online casino who have an official licence. Secondly, make sure you have deposited sufficient funds. Only then can you place your bet on your device, be it a mobile phone, desktop or a tablet. Once your bet is placed on the wheel, the play begins and the wheel is pinned by the online dealer. Then you wait to see where the ball drops on the wheel, which colour and number it falls on.

The numbers typically range from 1 to 36. And if where the ball stops matches where you’ve placed your bet, you win the assigned prize for that casino game. The prize might be a set amount of cash, and it might be combined with free spins, but it depends on the casino you’re playing on. There are also different types of bets you can make, which we will look at in more detail below.

guide of online roulette casinos

Different Types of Bets

We have compiled a list of the most common types of roulette bets, along with whatever details we could find, including Inside Bets, Outside Bets and Announced Bets. Our list begins with the best roulette bets you can make. They are easy to understand and the least expensive when playing Roulette online.

Inside Bets

An inside bet is when you place your bet on a specific number inside the board, instead of putting it on a group of numbers or colours. There are 7 types of inside bets and this can be typically bet by gamblers who risk high to win big.

Outside Bets

The outside bet is where the bet is made outside of the specific numbers. There are 5 different variations of the outside bet. You can bet on red or black, odd or even, whether the number will be 1-18 or 19-36, bet dozens, or bet which of the assigned 3 columns it will land on.

Announced Bets

An announced bet is also known as a call bet, and is commonly used in French and Europe roulette. There are different types of the call bet, which each involve a number of ‘chip bets’, referring to different groups of numbers. For example, there are 9, 6, 5 and 4 chip bets.

Roulette Payouts and Odds

Bet TypePayoutEuropean Roulette OddsAmerican Roulette OddsFrench Roulette Odds
Straight (1 Number)35 to 12.70%2.60%2.70%
Split (2 Numbers)17 to 12.70%5.30%2.70%
Street (3 Numbers)11 to 18.10%7.90%8.10%
Corner (4 Numbers)8 to 110.80%10.50%10.80%
5 Numbers6 to 113.50%13.20%13.50%
6 Numbers5 to 116.20%15.80%16.20%
Dozen2 to 132.40%31.60%32.40%
Column2 to 132.40%31.60%32.40%
Even / Odd1 to 148.60%47.40%48.60%
Red / Black1 to 148.60%47.40%48.60%
Low / High1 to 1 48.60%47.40%48.60%

How does a round of Roulette work?

If you’re new to the classic game of roulette, don’t worry. Here is a back to basics guide that walks you through how to play the game. You can follow the steps below and enjoy the experience of the game. See if you win.

Time needed: 3 Minutes
Tools required: Mobile Phone or Computer
Funds required: unlimited
Make your deposit and place your bet

Make your deposit and place your bet

Place your bet on the roulette wheel at the beginning of the Round. (There might be betting limits on the wheel so do check this)

Dealer Spins the Roulette Wheel

Dealer Spins the Roulette Wheel

Wait to see where it lands – It could land on any part of the wheel, any number and any colour.

The Outcome - Check if you have won

The Outcome – Check if you have won

If you have won, you can cash in your winnings now or continue to a new round.

Play again or Change Bet

Play again or Change Bet

At this stage, you are free to change your bet and go higher or lower if you wish, or you can stop.

Different Online Roulette Variations

There are different variations of the game of Roulette, including European, French and American. We’ll go through the differences down below for you to understand. They are all quite similar, but can have variations that include the way the table is set up and some may have rule differences too.

🇪🇺 European Roulette

This is probably the most popular version of roulette in casinos. It is played with the numbers 1 to 36 and a zero. The casino’s house edge here is only 2.7%, the rest of the stakes will be returned to the players.

🇫🇷 French Roulette

The outside bets look different on the table, but the French Roulette game also has slightly different rules and a very low house edge of 1.35%, which is great for gamblers. We will go on to explain this later.

🇺🇸 American Roulette

This version is very similar to the European game, but it does have some differences in the game for sure. For example, the general way that the table is laid out in land-based casinos can vary.

Roulette Variants Compared

Game FeatureEuropean RouletteAmerican RouletteFrench Roulette
Double 0
La PartageSometimes
En PrisonSometimes
Highest Payout35/135/135/1
Lowest Payout1/11/11/1
House Edge2.70%5.26%1.35%

5 Online Roulette Tips for bigger wins

There are lots of ways you can try your luck to win big, and then win even bigger next time. In fact, there are even well-known types of play you can try as you play the game to test your luck. We’ll explain some of these below so that you can try them out in your next big game. These tips and tricks don’t always work, but it’s certainly fun giving it a go.

  1. Play European or French Roulette for better oddds: It’s been discovered that the French game can have better odds and some rule differences.
  1. Use combination bets for bigger profits: Different types of bets can mean bigger cash-ins if you do happen to win.
  1. Try to use Online Roulette Betting Systems: It’s vital that you become aware of the rules and odds involved before you play.
  1. Have good Bankroll Mangement: Lots of experienced gamblers find that they enjoy playing more than one game, but do gamble responsibly.
  1. Play only at trusted and reputable online casinos: Have fun playing, but it’s important to play with only the online casinos that have been authorised as safe and fair.

Winning Roulette Strategies

There are different types of ways you can play the classic game that gamblers have tried and tested and enjoyed over the centuries. If you’re looking for new methods to have a go at next time you’re playing, use some of these recommendations. Remember, that they don’t guarantee a win, but they are some of the most popular types of play when you want to play big time.

The Martingale Strategy

This system is the complete opposite so it means you double down when you lose. It’s also known as the Paroli way of betting and is a hugely popular way of betting for gamblers because it suggests you might be less likely to stick to heavy losing streaks. Playing the Martingale might mean you win more of the spins, but the actual prize will be smaller.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

The idea here is simply to make your bet higher whenever you lose a round. It can seem a risky way to play to lots of players. However, the most popular way of playing the Martingale is to only place your bets on the ones that have almost a half chance of winning, so including betting on 1-18 or betting on red and not black.

The D’Alembert Strategy

This method is about putting your bets on the even money parts of the wheel and is often played in European Roulette. If you do happen to lose, the D’Alembert way of playing means you only add one chip and no more. That way, you’re supposedly not going to cause too much damage if you do lose again. It’s a potentially easy way to play and you can win in the long run.

The James Bond Strategy

This way of playing was begun by James Bond, a well-known figure in the gambling world. The method is to cover everything but the numbers between 1 and 12. It’s known to be another risky way of playing, and some say it might have a long term chance of losing, but gamblers have won using the single number and 6-line play in the past.

The Fibonacci Strategy

You play by betting on the number that’s the total of the two numbers you just played. You don’t have to start at 1, but if you did your sequence would look like this: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 and so on. It’s recommended to start playing at 1 if you’re new to the game to get a feel for things and you can only win if you win the first round, being 1.

Practice and play Online Roulette for free

The classic game of Roulette can actually be played for free on so many online casino sites in the UK. You can try the game by clicking on the following link. Have a think about which online casino you would like to join and be sure to do some research before you do sign up. Lots of online casinos nowadays offer some exciting welcome bonuses and promotions you might like to check out first. You’ll also need to set up your deposits to play the game of Roulette, and depending on the casino you choose, there may be further limits and conditions of play, so check these out too.

Roulette Online vs Land Based Casinos

There can be a real difference to playing online compared to in a real-life casino. Players sometimes enjoy the atmosphere more in a land-based casino rather than playing on a mobile device and there can be fewer players around the table too, creating a more intimate atmosphere. But there are lots of benefits of playing live roulette online too.

  • Play it from the comfort of your own home
  • No one is watching so there’s no pressure if you lose
  • The game can be quicker
  • Possibly quicker deposits
  • You might experience technical problems
  • Withdrawals might also be slower

Online Roulette FAQ & Advice

If you are completely new to the casino game of Roulette, it can be difficult to get your head around when you’re starting to get a feel for the game. But we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help you do exactly that.