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Crazy Time Live is a thrilling online casino game that combines the excitement of a TV show with live gambling. Join in for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Crazy Time Live Review

Welcome to the world of Crazy Time Live, a live online casino game that easily blends the exhilaration of a traditional TV show with the thrill of a classic gambling experience. In this extensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of Crazy Time, exploring its rules and gameplay dynamics while uncovering the excitement offered by its four electrifying bonus rounds. Let’s embark on this captivating journey!

Crazy Time delivers a captivating live casino experience with its skilled live dealers and worldwide real-time broadcasting. From the comfort of your home you can enjoy the amazing ambiance of this live casino game.

Game DetailsCrazy Time Live
DeveloperEvolution Gaming
Release Year2020
Game TypeLive Casino Game
RTP (Return to Player)Varies by section (typically high)
Minimum Bet per SpinSubject to casino-specific limits
Maximum Bet per SpinSubject to casino-specific limits
Betting LevelsVarious wagering options available
Maximum WinDetermined by the specific section (potential for substantial winnings)
Wild SymbolNot applicable
Bonus RoundsYes, multiple engaging bonus rounds
Progressive JackpotNot available
Mobile CompatibilitySupported
Free DemoAvailability depends on the individual casino; some may offer a demo mode

The Game and Fundamental Rules

Crazy Time involves live dealers steering the gameplay, beamed directly to eager players worldwide in real-time. This setup creates an all-encompassing and interactive gaming atmosphere that brings the excitement of a live casino right to players’ doorsteps.

The primary goal of the game revolves around predicting the outcome of a spinning wheel. This wheel is divided into various components, each endowed with its unique payout ratio. To participate, players place their bets on the section they anticipate will align with the wheel’s final resting position once the spinning ceases.

The excitement of Crazy Time lies in the diverse sections featured on the wheel. These segments include numbers, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and Pachinko, each offering distinct payout odds. Consequently, players must employ strategic betting to maximize their odds of securing a win.

Placing Bets

To participate in Crazy Time, players are required to wager on various sections of the wheel, including:

  1. Numbers
  2. Coin Flip
  3. Cash Hunt
  4. Pachinko

Every segment on the wheel offers distinct payout odds and bet limits, and these can differ between casinos. In total, Crazy Time Live features 54 sections, including numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, as well as four intriguing bonus rounds.


Every participant selects a number or bonus of their choice and places a corresponding bet. The player then confirms their bet, following which the dealer initiates the wheel’s rotation. The player who accurately predicts the winning section emerges victorious. Payouts are determined by the quantity of bets made and the amount wagered during each specific moment. For further information and in-depth analysis, you can refer to our website, where you’ll find detailed Crazy Time statistics providing a comprehensive overview of turnover figures and winning outcomes.

The Crazy Time Live Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time introduces a quartet of bonus phases that can be randomly activated following the wheel’s cessation. All of these bonus rounds have a unique mini-game, replete with its own distinctive features and rules. These bonus rounds promise the most unpredictable and lucrative rewards, varying in the number of sectors utilized.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

This bonus round has the form of a coin flip, featuring red and blue sides, each with differing odds. Players are tasked with forecasting the side the coin will land on and subsequently placing a wager. The bet is then multiplied by the win multiplier.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

In the Cash Hunt bonus game, players encounter 108 multipliers, which promptly morph into diverse symbols. Participants must ascertain the symbol boasting the highest possible odds and stake their bets accordingly. It is advisable to remember a high multiplier, even if it undergoes a transformation into a symbol.

Pachinko Bonus Game

This round employs 15 multipliers and introduces a descending puck into the equation. The winnings attributed to participants fluctuate depending on the puck’s final landing position. Crazy Time Pachinko introduces a double multiplier, which has the potential to double a player’s winnings when the puck makes contact with it.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The Crazy Time bonus round springs to life with a 64-segment wheel. Players must elect to follow a blue, green, or orange arrow. Subsequently, the live casino dealer sets the wheel in motion, with the multiplier associated with the selected arrow determining the player’s reward. This represents a unique Crazy Time bonus that offers an excellent chance to secure a substantial cash prize.

Advantages of the Crazy Time Online Casino Game

Crazy Time Live, brings an array of benefits for players. It is renowned for its substantial winnings and high multipliers. Players frequently make use of the demo version to partake in Crazy Time online. However, not all offers emanate from trustworthy casinos.

Reputable sources prioritize swift registration, maintain licensing credentials, and offer an array of financial transaction methods. This consideration should weigh heavily when selecting a platform. In certain areas where accessing online casinos proves more difficult, some platforms provide dedicated Crazy Time Live apps, extending additional advantages.

Playing Crazy Time for Free

The game’s creators have thoughtfully incorporated a Crazy Time free play option, allowing players to engage in complimentary gameplay. This demo mode proves invaluable when honing one’s strategy. It facilitates skill development without impinging on one’s bankroll while also affording the opportunity to ascertain the efficacy of devised money-making strategies.

Moreover, the free mode serves as an effective means to acquaint oneself with the various wheel segments and bonus rounds, ensuring players are well-prepared when transitioning to real-money gameplay. It serves as an excellent avenue for game exploration and the refinement of individual playing styles.

Engaging in Real-Money Gameplay

Upon completing the process of registration, players gain the ability to partake in Crazy Time online using real funds. A positive balance furnishes players with the option to wager real money, promising an enthralling and unforgettable experience. This dimension introduces the prospect of receiving the winnings, which players can subsequently withdraw from their accounts.

Playing the Crazy Time Game

To partake in the Crazy Time online casino game and secure a victory, players must follow these guidelines:

  1. Place wagers on available positions before the round’s commencement.
  2. Await the culmination of the Crazy Time slots wheel’s rotation.
  3. Rejoice in victory if the wheel aligns with your placed bet. The Crazy Time slot incorporates bonus rounds that augment winnings. In the Top Slot round, players have the opportunity to accrue multipliers of up to 50 times their initial bet.

Registration and Sign-Up for Crazy Time

Registering for Crazy Time at reputable casinos proves to be a straightforward endeavor, taking merely a few minutes. The player is tasked with:

  1. Navigating to the respective casino’s website.
  2. Selecting the registration option.
  3. Completing a concise questionnaire.
  4. Confirming the provided email address.
  5. Accessing their account by logging in. Notably, some casinos extend the convenience of Crazy Time registration via Google accounts. Crucially, players need not invest more than five minutes in completing the Crazy Time registration form to gain access to online gameplay. Excessively extensive questionnaires tend to deter potential players. It is imperative to remain vigilant, as malevolent entities often exploit extensive questionnaires demanding copious amounts of detailed information.

The Premier Crazy Time Live Casinos

For players seeking the ultimate Crazy Time Live experience, we have compiled a selection of some of the best online casinos. These platforms not only deliver the exhilaration of Crazy Time gameplay but also provide a secure and dependable gaming environment. Discover where you can relish the most enjoyable moments and maximize your chances of triumph in Crazy Time Live.

  1. Voodoo Dreams Casino: Voodoo Dreams Casino offers a unique gaming experience with a touch of magic, and it features a diverse selection of casino games, including Crazy Time Live. Players are drawn to its mystical charm and rewarding promotions.
  2. Nine Casino: Nine Casino is a rising star in the online gaming world, providing players with a wide range of casino games, including the exciting Crazy Time Live. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless gaming experience.
  3. Hyper Casino: Hyper Casino stands out with its dynamic platform and extensive live casino game selection, which includes Crazy Time. Players can expect high-energy gameplay and thrilling moments.
  4. Casino Lab: Casino Lab is a hub of entertainment, offering various casino games, including the captivating Crazy Time Live. Its innovative approach to gaming creates an engaging atmosphere for players.
  5. Librabet: Librabet provides an extensive gaming library, and among its offerings is Crazy Time Live. Players can explore a world of possibilities and enjoy the excitement of this live casino game.


Crazy Time emerges as an exhilarating casino game that masterfully melds the thrill of gambling with the electric atmosphere of a live TV show. Thanks to its enthralling set of four bonus rounds and a plethora of chances for victory, Crazy Time has firmly established itself as a beloved choice for players worldwide.Whether you opt to indulge in complimentary gameplay or take the plunge into real-money wagering, Crazy Time unfailingly delivers an extraordinary gaming experience that should not be overlooked.

So, why delay any longer? Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Crazy Time and partake in the enjoyment and limitless opportunities it presents. Rise to the challenge, put your luck to the test, and revel in an unforgettable casino odyssey!

Crazy Time Live – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you eager to gain deeper insights into Crazy Time Live and the manifold thrills this casino game offers? We’ve put together a collection of commonly asked questions to provide you with a thorough grasp, encompassing various aspects such as game rules, bonus rounds, strategies, and more. Uncover strategies to enhance your odds and extract the full potential of your Crazy Time Live adventure.